WE ARE NOW CLOSED FOR THE SEASON!  THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR MAKING THIS ANOTHER GREAT SEASON.  We will consider large orders of 25 or more- if you want to gather friends.  Otherwise we hope to see you in 2014!

boise idaho tomato cages two sizesThe Only cages to Ever receive the SweetpeaPaw of Approval!”  (Sweetpea is a Tomato LOVING, (STEALING) Alaska Husky and one of our four furry kids!)

UPDATE:  March 3, 2013.  We are building cages and taking orders!!

Boise Tomato Cages!  #1 Selling Cage in Boise!  Over 1,200 sold in 2012!!

Check out the video on the cage page that shows you how to unstack and stack your cages- this will make life easier!

Tired of the tiny conical shaped cages that only support a trunk but not the branches?  Are you tired of over the top, heavy and expensive cages that you can not easily store?  Would you like to have the cages that are recommended by the University of Idaho Extension?  Finally, do you want the most veggies ever?

Hi Casey, I bought 15 of your tomato cages this year and my tomatoes are doing great. Before I used a pig panel trying to trellis them then added on to support the limbs. What a mess. Lost a lot of tomatoes. But this year with your cages the tomatoes are totally supported and I may have lost 2 or 3 among 10 plants. Thanks for making these. So far we have harvested around 115 pounds and there are at least another 100 pounds on the vine. Your cages are the best investment I have made for my garden.  Thanks, S.B.

As our customers will tell you, you want Boise Tomato Cages!  These cages are made of concrete wire remesh.  This is the material used to reinforce concrete.  Farmers learned that it can make a flexible, light weight but long lasting cage for growing vegetables.  And unlike the cages sold in most stores, these have 110 weld points.  If you lose one or two a season- it does not affect the cage performance!  Did you forget to get cages before you planted?  No problem!  Since these unhook, you can wrap them around even big plants to help them grow bigger!

Unlike other imitation cages on craigslist and elsewhere we do things like repair the normal broken welds that are inevitable on these giant (150 lbs) rolls of remesh.  We use steel pig clamps to fix those bad welds so that your cages start at 100% strength!  We also stack them for easy pick up and we even show you how to unstack them!

Check out our cages and send us an email to place an order.  Order early and beat the rush.  Please tell your friends too!

We are now accepting credit/debit cards through PayPal on orders of $50 or more.  You do not need to have a paypal account. If you want this option, just let us know in your email, and we will send you an invoice.  There is a 5% surcharge added to your purchase due to Paypal taking their share!! :)

Casey & Kate, Boise, Idaho

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